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We’re Glad You’re Here

We’re thrilled to have traveled this far on our own in bringing you the first title from Big Blue Sky Games, but now is the time to bring more voices into the Merchants of Rosewall discussion, and that includes the most important voice: yours.  As we begin this adventure together, we want to encourage you to join our Discord server, where we’ll be fostering a safe community space and sharing all the info, art, ideas, and tasty treats we can. 

Be on the lookout for dedicated sessions with game artists, designers, and more as they show off their processes and early versions of the work they’ve put into Merchants of Rosewall. We’ll also be opening up discussions about the studio, the game, and what’s on the immediate horizon for both. You won’t want to miss it.  

We’re now boarding, and we’ve got room for you on our Discord server, on our social media channels, and everywhere else we plan to fly!

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