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Recipes for thousands of items, dozens of skilled artisans, and a world of raw materials and ingredients are at your fingertips. Make your mark in Rosewall!

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Delve into the history of Rosewall and help shape its destiny. What secrets does the past hold? Can you discover them in time to protect the future?

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With all of the modifications you could want, your shop, your character, and your crew of companions will all have a look and feel of your choosing.

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It’s Time

It’s a strange time to be making video games. From before establishing Big Blue Sky Games through putting the final touches on Merchants of Rosewall, we were waking up to seemingly endless news of layoffs and studio closures. We had this mission to do things differently – to attract and retain a diverse group ofContinue reading “It’s Time”

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It’s Time

Embrace the City

Rosewall is full of wonders, quirky personalities, and sprawling mysteries. Just make sure your shops and customer relations are operating smoothly; the ebbs and flows of weather systems can impact supply and demand here and beyond. One day can be the difference between a windfall or a major shortage.

The City of Rosewall

Best in Town

Your shop is more than just a commercial enterprise. It’s your gateway to the city and it’s ready for customization from the ceiling to the floor. Prized treasures, original creations, and one-of-a-kind wares are just the beginning.

Best in Town

Competition is Everywhere

Connect with Rosewall’s citizens as well as other players. The more you play the more you’ll progress, but your shop, recipes and products are available for other players to see even when you’re not online. Interacting and sharing asynchronously keep the commerce going in Merchants of Rosewall.

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